Tarot reading is a method of divination using a deck of tarot cards. The reader interprets the cards’ symbolism to gain insights into the client’s past, present, or future.

The reader shuffles the tarot deck, and the client picks cards from the deck. The reader then interprets the cards’ symbolism to answer the client’s questions or provide guidance.

The accuracy of tarot reading depends on various factors, including the reader’s skill, the client’s energy, and the quality of the questions asked. Tarot reading is not a substitute for professional advice, and the results should be taken as suggestions rather than definite outcomes.

You can ask any question that relates to your life, including love, career, finances, health, and spirituality. However, avoid asking questions that invade other people’s privacy or that require a yes or no answer.

A tarot reading session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the reader’s availability and the number of questions asked.

Yes, you can ask follow-up questions or seek clarifications via email or another agreed communication method with the reader.

If you’re not satisfied with the reading, you can communicate your concerns to the reader and seek a refund or another reading. However, keep in mind that the reader’s interpretation is subjective, and you may not get the answer you were hoping for.

Tarot reading is safe as long as it’s performed by a reputable reader who adheres to ethical standards. However, avoid sharing sensitive information during the session, as the reader may not be able to guarantee confidentiality.

-Once you’ve placed your order, it will be sent to Violetta. Bratty will be able to see your e-mail address and will then send you an introductory e-mail to retrieve the information you need her to know.

-Tarot readings by Violetta Alexis LLC are considered a service and due to the nature of the service and labor involved are non-refundable. However if I am unable to perform the service, or I cancel BEFORE your scheduled time then you will be entitled to a full refund. However, if YOU cancel after payment is made but before I have started you will receive a 75% refund. Once service has begun no refunds shall be issued. If your reading was delivered late, you have the right to a PARTIAL refund. In most cases any refunds will be put back to the original form of payment and are subject to the processing time of the merchant account. Most PayPal payments go back within 24-48 hours, Stripe transactions generally take 3-5 BUSINESS days.

If the FAQ section doesn’t answer your question, please talk to one of our live representatives in the chat box below. Reps are available from 10 am-10 pm.

After you respond to Violetta’s introductory e-mail that she sends after payment is received, she will record your video in the time frame that was ordered. Once your reading is due, Violetta will send you a private link to a Youtube video that contains your reading that only you and her can view. If you choose to share your reading with anyone, please remember that others can also share that link.

You will receive your introductory email within two hours of payment.

I’m highly skilled and intuitive tarot reader with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

With a background in both psychology and the spiritual arts, I have a unique ability to connect with my clients on a deep and meaningful level.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on your career path, relationships, or personal growth, my readings are known to provide clarity, insight, and direction.

My non-judgmental approach allows my clients to feel comfortable and at ease as they explore the wisdom of the tarot cards.

You will review which reading you want which is stated in the "Book A Reading" section on the left hand side. if you're on mobile, it's the small three lines on the top left corner.

You will then place it in your cart and purchase (make sure to check all my social media platforms in case of discounts etc).

Once I get notified of your payment, I will then email you to the email you use for your PayPal.

Within 5 days of receiving your response, via email I will send you your reading (same day readings available on booking page).

You will then receive an email after I have recorded your reading.

I will share a link to your video that only you and I can see (I will make it so that you can share your link with others if needed).