Superchat Rules

  1. $5 is the minimum requirement for superchat questions.
  2. I am not liable for the decisions you make whether or medical, financial, legal or otherwise.
  3. You have to be present for your superchat question.  I will not go back and re-answer it for you. Absolutely no exceptions.
  4. Your superchat questions have to be written within your superchat. If not, I will consider that a donation. 
  5. If your superchat box is empty, it will accepted as a tip.
  6. I do not refund superchats.
  7. ONE question per superchat.
  8. Once Bratty puts up the sign on her screen, “No Longer Taking Superchats,” that is the cutoff.  Any superchats you send after that will be considered a donation.
  9. Anything above $20 will still only be considered a 6 card reading. Example; Even if you send a $100 superchat, you are still getting a 6 card pull.
  10. These are NOT considered full readings and go quickly.

    Point of reference:
    $5 = 2 cards
    $10 = 4 cards
    $20 = 6 cards

    Thank you for watching and supporting Bratty’s Tarot!