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Your person.

Zoom Call

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Personalized one on one Zoom call with Bratty!


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Anything goes!

Yearly Readings

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One year ahead.


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6 months from now.

I’m a skilled and intuitive tarot reader with over 3 years of experience in the industry.

With great life experience and the spiritual arts, I have a unique ability in perspective and people’s motives.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on your career path, relationships, or personal growth, my readings are known to provide clarity, insight, and direction.

My non-judgmental approach allows my clients to feel comfortable and at ease as they explore the wisdom of the tarot cards.

You will review which reading you want which is stated in the "Book A Reading" section on the left hand side. if you're on mobile, it's the small three lines on the top left corner.

You will then place it in your cart and purchase (make sure to check all my social media platforms in case of discounts etc).

Once I get notified of your payment, I will then email you to the email you use for your PayPal.

Within 5 days of receiving your response, via email I will send you your reading (same day readings available on booking page).

You will then receive an email after I have recorded your reading.

I will share a link to your video that only you and I can see (I will make it so that you can share your link with others if needed).